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Zoran Cunjak

Welcome to Bioresonance Perth. My name is Zoran Cunjak and I specialise in Bioresonance therapy. I was born in 1983 in Slovenia (ex-Yugoslavia) and migrated to Perth in 2002. I graduated in Electronics Engineering at The School Of Technology Sciences in Slovenia. My goal is to unveil a true cause for your symptoms and most importantly, overcome it in most effective and fastest way possible. I do this through the Frequency work only. My unique approach towards your condition is followed by a fast and effective result. My practice is built based on a result and word of mouth only. People visit me from various other locations beside Perth such as Eastern states, Adelaide, Darwin, Canada, UK, California, Germany and others.




Photos below are from a Bioresonance demonstration that I held at the European Congress of Complementary Therapists in 2014.



Photos below are from the Perth’s Conscious Living Expo 2017. I broke a record by booking the highest amount of patients in the history of Conscious living events. On stage, I’ve given myself a task to find and prove the CAUSE of an individual’s condition  within 60 seconds.


Kids have 50% discount.







dr. Kosta Romanović

I feel privileged I was around and learning from military Dr. spec. Kosta Romanovich (Photo on the right). A friend by whom I’ve been inspired and whose patient I was myself at the age of 10.
Dr. Romanovich is considered as European’s best Bioresonance practitioner who runs a successful practice in the last 25 years.